Current Issue: 21.1

Left History 21.1 Spring/ Summer 2017

Cover photo by Saman Sarheng


Steven Penfold – Three Ways to be Craig Heron

Franca Iacovetta – Springsteen’s “Working on a Dream” and Remembering Thirty Years of Activist Collaborations in Canadian Labour and Social History

Ryan Targa – The Workers’ Revolt in Canada: Then and Now

Jason Russell – Finding Canada’s History of Capitalism in the Work of Craig Heron

James Naylor – What Happened to Labourism?

Ian McKay – Liberalism (and beyond) the Coal Mine: Revisiting the Springhill Miners Movement, 1879 – 1890

Peter A. Stevens – Remembering “The Dawning Age of Leisure”: Visions of Work, Time, and Technology during Canada’s Long 1960s

Michael Akladios – Navigating Sacred Spaces: Coptic Immigrants in 1960s Toronto

Craig Heron – The Public Intellectual

and Book Reviews