Current Issue: 18.2 and 19.1


IN 19.1

Danielle Cooper: Beyond Liberation: Conceptualizations of History at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives.


Scott de Groot: “A Curse on Those Who Need Heroes”? Genealogical Appropriation and the Historical Horizons of Gay Liberation, 1969-1975.

Henry MacAdam: Michael Gold & Dalton Trumbo on Spartacus, Blacklist Hollywood, Howard Fast, and the Demise of American Communism



Yehonatan Alsheh: Coming to Terms with the Fleeting Post-Zionist Moment.


IN 18.2

Alison C. Forrest, A. M. Givertz, Marcus Klee: Anything but an eternal truth’: representing left histories Three Representations.

Pamela Tudge: Representing the Canadian Left in Left History. 

Roopika Risam: Revising History and Re-authoring the Left in the Postcolonial Digital Archive.


Joel T. Helfrich: Creating a “white man’s country” in Australia, South Africa, & the US

Jennifer Hayter: Métis Identity: Problems and Possibilities.