Left History welcomes original research, previously unpublished, that meets the stated goals of the journal: a forum that bridges research and theory, and features articles, review essays, and reviews from radical political and theoretical perspectives.

Manuscripts should ideally be 20 to 35 pages, double-spaced. Please format your submission in accordance with our style guide.

Submissions must include a brief abstract of your manuscript. Please note that abstracts should not exceed 250 words.

Please submit an electronic version of your manuscript as a Word doc email attachment.

We do ask that authors do not simultaneously submit their articles to more than one journal.

Once submitted, articles are circulated to two or three anonymous readers with expertise in the field. The readers are asked to assess the article’s contribution to the relevant scholarship and return a report to the editors. Both the author of the article and the reviewers remain anonymous at all stages of the evaluation. Ideally the journal editors are able to report back to the author within six months of receiving a submission.

Please ensure that copyright laws are followed when including images.